A Gorgeous Yard Without The Hassle

A properly maintained lawn is one of the hallmarks of the idealized suburban American life – the typically American man spending his Sundays on his mower, can of beer in hand and working out the perfect angles to get that nice uniform striped look in his grass. Or, for an alternative cinematic look at the ritual, some local kids working the push-mower to earn a few extra dollars to buy some extra bottles of pop at their neighborhood corner store.

Outside of the romanticized images, though, let’s be totally honest: for the most part, caring for your grass is a total chore! You spend hours of your time making sure it’s well tended and evenly green, just to watch it slowly turn yellow, die, or turn patchy for seemingly no reason at all. This goes double if you work in landscaping and need to keep some turf consistently uniform in both color and length, like a golf course.

Most Sundays, when it comes to tending to your yard, you roll your eyes and groan rather than get excited to take part in your own idealized suburban ritual. At that point, it’s high time to start looking for alternatives for your natural turf…but what could replace actual grass?

Certainly not rocks or gravel, the verdant green is why we worked so hard on our yards in the first place! That leaves artificial turf, which, let’s face it, leaves a sour taste in many of our mouths just saying it. That stuff that my son’s football field is made of, with the ground up tire? No thanks.

Well, artificial turf has come a long way since it was introduced in the Astrodome in the 1960’s. The new astroturf looks just as good (or better, if your yard is long-suffering) as the real thing. The trick to getting your artificial grass to shine just as bright as your natural turf is getting the right company to install it, and we have the perfect people in mind for our southern California readers: NoMow Turf.

Working hard to make you work less since 2005, NoMow Turf has been the preeminent artificial turf and putting green installation company in Orange County for 15 years and prides itself on a level of service rarely seen from any landscaping companies. The quality of their turf installations must be seen to be believed, as you can consistently barely tell the difference between the astroturf they install and a comparable all-natural yard.

If there’s anything I recommend to new homeowners looking to beautify their home, it’s to not let themselves and their Sundays be trapped by constant yardwork. Simple and elegant is the way to go, and you can get the gorgeous green lawn you’ve always wanted without the hours of work and constant frustration that goes along with it.

In the immortal words of Hank Hill: “My lawn is my flag. It tells the world, Here lives a competent, trustworthy, salesman of propane and propane accessories.” Let your lawn act as your signature in the neighborhood without the headache with NoMow Turf’s artificial grass.

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