Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Installation: Pet Care Meets Lawn Care!

What do pet care and lawn care have in common? They share the importance of safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. Pets are animals after all, and even the most domesticated of our furry friends need to be able to play outside at least once a day. Every pet owner wants their best friend to feel happy and loved. But caring for a pet and a lawn are hefty responsibilities that busy folks find challenging at times. 

All living beings, including pets and grass, require sunlight, nutrients, water, and grooming. The difference is that lawn care is a little, or a lot, more strenuous than feeding and grooming a dog or cat. Mowing, watering, and applying fertilizer and pesticides is intensive labor. Without regular lawn maintenance, grass can quickly wither away. 

Artificial turf is a popular solution in California, where homeowners and pet owners have plenty of concerns to address. The state drought in California presents a multitude of challenges in many different facets. Water conservation and sustainability have been a prescient concern for many years. Grass requires a significant amount of watering to grow and stay alive, making it impossible for some neighborhoods to develop a lawn. Furthermore, as pets play on the lawn, their rough and tumble can wear down the natural bed of grass, causing patches.

For those that aspire for a lush and even sprawl of green grass that doesn’t drain one’s resources and does withstand the demands of pet leisures, artificial turf in Lake Forest is an all-encompassing solution. 

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The top benefits of artificial grass are its easy-to-clean and durable qualities. The drainage of artificial turf allows pet waste to be easily cleaned up with a simple rinse. Odors and stains don’t get caught in the fibers, thanks to the advanced technology of construction—a fresh lawn indeed! Artificial turf fibers are soft and durable enough to be comfortable and safe for pets and children.

One big concern about synthetic grass is if the turf will overheat. Artificial turf does indeed get hot under direct sunlight, however, we can significantly reduce the heat by installing Durafill during the installation of your new Turf. Infill material dissipates the heat to allow people and pets to enjoy walking on turf during sunny days.

Can synthetic grass fool pets into thinking it is real grass? While artificial turf may easily fool humans into thinking that you have magical powers in perfecting your lawn, it’s unclear how easily our four-legged friends can discern between fake and real grass. Chances are, given their heightened survival instincts and sharp sense of smell, a close connection to nature allows them to distinguish between different types of grass beyond their look and feel. 

Pet owners love seeing their pets happily frolicking upon the artificial turf, a joyful alternative to real grass, and a much softer and more pleasant surface than one without greenery. 

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