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Fostering A Better Circular Economy With Used Cubicles In L.A.

The traditional linear economic model of producing, using, and dumping is beginning to become untenable as the ocean fills with hundreds of tons of trash daily and the air becomes increasingly unbreathable. While many solutions have been proposed, one of the most easily achievable by individual actors is the concept of a circular economy.

The principle of a system of circular economies is effectively reducing wastage as much as humanly possible by keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible. Rather than just throwing out old automobiles and machinery, for example, they can be almost endlessly recycled and revamped with new add-ons and technology.

At the heart of the circular economy is maximizing the utility of resources. This approach ensures that we get the most out of everything we use, leading to a decrease in the demand for new products and the raw materials they require.

This minimizes the processes of resource extraction and processing processes, which contribute extensively to water, air, and heavy metal pollution worldwide. Businesses can save on material costs, and industries can pivot towards more sustainable sourcing methods, making it a win-win for both the economy and the environment.

The traditional method of looking at products and materials like office furniture and appliances, where these items experience a quick transition from ‘useful good’ to ‘trash’ has led to overflowing landfills and an ocean positively brimming with microplastics and other toxins. By creating a circular economy that minimizes the dumping of otherwise useful goods that have nevertheless been written off as having outlived their useful life, we can conserve the planet’s resources while saving ourselves quite a bit of money.

The question then becomes, ‘How do we create a circular economy’? The answer to that is: don’t throw things away, keep reusing used items that still have utility, and only buy new when you don’t have another choice. This goes for almost any product, but one especially wasteful category is office furniture, which typically has a useful life of around a decade before being dumped in favor of a new set.

As anyone can tell you, however, office equipment at nine years 362 days old is no different from the office equipment being thrown out at ten years of age in terms of utility. Desks are still standing with minimal damage, and filing cabinets usually need a few squirts of WD-40 to keep working like new.

Office cubicles are some of the most easily recycled pieces of equipment a business can own, as the design for new cubicles has changed very little in the past few decades. They still provide power and data connections, as well as cable management solutions that make life just a little bit easier for employees in the office. Opting for used cubicles can also save you 50% or more on costs, cutting a potentially massive cost for your business if it moves to a new, larger location.

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Helping to create a more circular economy is no small choice – the more companies that do it, the quicker we can reduce the impact of our economic activity on the planet. If you’re interested in helping foster the creation of a circular economy by purchasing used office equipment, the best options are only available at Creative Office Design. Call today:

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