Local Business Spotlight: The San Diego Landscape Company Turning Drab Outdoor Spaces Into Dreamlike Entertainment Areas

Hello and welcome back to your favorite home and garden publication! Today we’ll be highlighting one San Diego landscaping contractor that has been making waves over the past few years with their intricate and stunningly creative designs: Torrey Pines Landscape Company!

Torrey Pines was established waaaay back in 1983 by Harry Thompson, company owner and top designer. Through the decades, the company has absorbed some of the top talent available in southern California, which has helped it to become one of the most prestigious firms operating in the industry.

The company’s designs run the gamut in styles, sizes, and composition, ranging from French chateau to hand-crafted tropical grottos to simple balcony and walkway redesigns for townhomes. Whatever the size of your outdoor space and the vision you have for it, the company has the ability and know-how to make it a reality.

The company has some specific specialties that make it extra enticing to upscale property owners looking for a landscaping makeover. The company excels in its creation of outdoor rooms, variety and creativity in its designs, and in taking on complex and difficult terrains.

Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor rooms are semi-enclosed spaces in an outdoor environment that provide shelter and comfort for the homeowner’s guests and family as they enjoy the warmth of sunny southern California. They take many forms and can serve many functions, but they always stand out from as their own little space in the scope of the yard.

Outdoor rooms can range from a fully equipped kitchen area stocked with barbeque, pizza ovens, and farmhouse sinks to columned pool ‘rooms’ with Roman shades to provide some quick relief from the sun. One highlight from Torrey Pines’ portfolio includes an extended entertainment area, fully roofed, that includes a dining area, kitchen, bar, and large-screen television.

Variety Of Designs

The citizens of San Diego have a wide diversity of backgrounds and tastes, which means no two houses are likely to want the same landscape design scheme. Torrey Pines has worked to satisfy these disparate tastes by crafting expert-level designs from styles originating all over the globe and history.

A quick look through the company’s portfolio reveals the diverse aesthetic preferences of San Diego residents. Here, an ultra-modern cubic design, there a classical French vineyard-style construction, while a contemporary design incorporating elements from English cottage style with sleek modern hardscaping sits right between them.

Complex And Difficult Terrain Transformation

Perhaps the most impressive specialty of Torrey Pines is the ability to transform landscapes that a typical landscaper wouldn’t even touch. Rugged hillsides and rocky gullies can be transformed into terraced entertainment zones, allowing for a property owner to have full use of their property’s boundaries.

Southern California homes were designed with practicality in mind without much thought given to aesthetics, so many homes in our beautiful piece of heaven are unfortunately rather plain. If you want to transform your drab outdoor space into the outdoor entertainment area of your dreams, we highly recommend contacting Torrey Pines Landscape Company today!

Torrey Pines Landscape Company


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