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The Problem With Guards

Here in San Francisco, we’ve run into something of a conundrum. Crime rates are rising, and the government is mandating that stores are basically on their own when it comes to security.

This necessitates the use of guards for many businesses, including cannabis growing operations and dispensaries. The problem? Guards are pretty notorious for making bad situations worse, questionable judgment, and a whole lot of bad press.

A quick Google search for ‘security guards’ nets you two different types of stories – one, where the guard is injured or killed, the other where the security guard does something terrible. At best, the nature of the job puts guards at immediate physical risk, the stress of which can lead them to making some very poor decisions. At worst, giving untrained people a little bit of power can very easily turn them into a malicious bully.

There’s also the fact that many of the criminal elements targeting businesses like major growing operations and distributors that move millions of dollars worth of product are both highly organized and very well armed. Most operations that utilize armed guards have, at most, one to two guards patrolling the premises at a time.

This is not going to prove to be much of a deterrent for a truck full of men armed with high caliber rifles that have no qualms about shooting their way into the joint. In fact, it may prove to be nothing but an enormous liability for your business, as a guard that is injured or killed in a gunfight on your premises is going to result in one major lawsuit.

So, you’re forced to hire security guards for your business, but you’re highly concerned about the quality of the personnel and the possibility of some intense violence occurring on your property. What is the solution?

As with most problems concerning personnel, the answer is training. While security companies train their guards up to a point, the number of negative and tragic headlines prove that most are inadequate for the stakes involved.

This becomes especially important for cannabis growers and distributors whose high cash volume and valuable product provide an attractive target for criminal elements. The increased likelihood of being targeted means training becomes especially important.

That’s where companies like Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions come into play. Utilizing years of experience in the police force and an in-depth understanding of the insurance system, CCSS provides some of the most comprehensive cannabis dispensary security guard training programs available.

CCSS knows that the best role a security guard can play for your business is as an extremely effective witness and eyes on the ground that can report criminal activities as they occur. While nowhere near as glamorous as some good old fashioned gun fighting, it will help when you make your insurance claim and the investigator begins asking questions.

Training is also needed to operate as a part of the greater security system – determining where patrols will be most effective and how to react when a situation starts going south. Proper training will also ensure that guards will know how to act with customers and suspects, which means less negative news stories featuring your store.

If you have security personnel you need trained, give CCSS a call. They’ll do everything in their power to make sure your guards stay healthy and out of the news.

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