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When you’re first starting out a business, every single little cost can really add up on your fledgling ledger. While you’re dashing around trying to find new customers, every day the expenses pile up: new telephones, rent, payroll expended on training new employees; everything seems designed to sap away as much money from your new business as possible.

One major cost sink a lot of people look over is the cost of actually furnishing the office. estimates that it can cost up to $3500 to $6000 per workstation to fit it with a nice desk, walls and all the accouterments. Depending on the size of the company and your seed funding, this can blow up into a disastrous expense to just get your employees a place to sit and work.

This is where used furnishings can really give you a much-needed reprieve from the expanding list of items sucking capital away from where your business really needs to focus it. With some solid, pre-used office furnishings and décor, you could easily cut your initial investment in half.

Using used office equipment comes with a variety of benefits aside from just cost, as well. Anyone who has ever ordered new furniture for their home knows that delivery times can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks, and this goes double for office furniture. Ordering from a local used office furniture vendor with a solid reputation can get your order to you in a day or two, saving you from sitting around in an empty office chair praying that your desks will show up soon so you can start to get some work done.

In addition to that, office furniture tends to depreciate like a new car. Your $6000 workstation is worth way less the second its out of its packaging, and it only depreciates more over time. If you need to move or close down an office, in other words, you’re looking to lose a significant chunk of money when you decide to resell that chair.

For these reasons, we’ve decided to spotlight a local office furniture reseller to help you reduce some of your startup costs and get your business rolling off the line running. Creative Office Design, a reliable player in the Los Angeles’s office furnishing industry, has a huge variety of well-designed modern office equipment that’s perfect for a young company looking to give its employees comfortable and aesthetic workstations.

Every entrepreneur worth their salt knows that limiting initial expenses during tumultuous first few months of a business’s existence can make or break its future. Why buy expensive new office furnishings when all it does is add some extra zeroes to your expenses and contribute more destructive greenhouse gases during the fabrication and shipping phases during its journey to you?

If you’re looking to reduce that $3500/person station price and are in the market for some used cubicles in the Los Angeles area, Creative Office Design can furnish any office design for a low price and a quick turnaround time.

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