Office Cleaning

Keep Your Office Tidy

I think we’ve all experienced it at least one of the following situations during our long and much suffering careers:

  1. A coworker who thinks the office is his house. He takes his shoes off, leaves his coffee cups on every available surface in every possible room, and he has loud personal phone calls or watches movies at his desk all day
  2. You’ve come back to work after a long weekend to find that nobody had cleaned up after the office party on Thursday. The kitchen is covered in insects and moldy pizza
  3. Your coworker is the kind of guy who unloads a huge box of packing peanuts, dropping half of them onto the ground in the process, then refuses to do anything with them because ‘it’s not his problem’

Yep, if you’re anything like us, more than likely you’ve experienced a variation of all three of these exciting workplace scenarios. Messy, lazy and entitled coworkers, bosses and underlings looking at us to clean up their mess, like we’re their mothers! Just because we can’t stand the sight of a mess and start cleaning it immediately, doesn’t mean we’re there to be their maid!

Well, that’s where professional office cleaners come into play. Rather than depend on some hapless worker who’s just a little bit more fastidious than the rest to clean out the office and making their life miserable in the process, do yourself a favor and start looking into a solid janitorial service.

If you are in the inland Los Angeles or Inland Empire region, consider looking into Quality Building Services. An office cleaning company based in Hesperia, Quality Building services offers a number of different service levels depending on the size of your business, so your service is customized to match your needs.

The company offers window cleaning, floor and carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and even cleans the exterior of your business to make sure your customers are seeing the best version of your company possible. No more weird stains on the linoleum flooring that’s been there since a Christmas party 5 years ago; Quality Building Services does an annual deep cleaning of all the flooring in your office.

I bet you can imagine it now – all of your coworker’s cups have magically disappeared from the window ledge facing the front of your office, the smell of his shoeless feet no longer lingering on his side of the building. A return after a long weekend where the kitchen and lounge areas are pristine, shiny and not filled with insects and mold. Finally, a shipping room carpet not filled with tiny shreds of green or pink packing peanuts – and YOU didn’t need to touch a thing!

Coming from someone who writes from experience – trust me, it is.

So, if your company is looking to outsource its janitorial work away from the poor guy or gal who got stuck with it after it was revealed they can’t handle a mess without cleaning it up, give Quality Building Services a call.

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