Good Cop, Bad Bugs

Captain Holt glanced at his watch and knew what time it was. He poured himself a cup of coffee and looked at the case on his desk.

black coffee, blur, caffeine

These bad guys weren’t caught on his security system, and they were nowhere to be found, even though he had the proof of what had happened!

Like any good detective with clues and a mystery to solve, Holt examined the situation. These invaders didn’t steal anything from his house. But he noticed patterns along his wood floors that looked like patterns of mud. He was horrified to find that the wood looked like it had been eaten by an animal. But what kind of home invader was capable of entering into someone’s home without permission, silently and invisbly?

After thorough investigation, Holt found some information through online research and came to a conclusion.

These bad guys weren’t robbers. In fact, they weren’t even human. They were termites! Now that Holt knew who the perpetrators were, how would he exact justice? He couldn’t put handcuffs on them and throw them into jail. What was he to do?

We wanted to share Captain Holt’s story because many of our readers may have experienced a similar problem. You may have made an unpleasant discovery of termites during your home renovation. Or, you may have heard horror stories from other home renovators and want to make sure that you don’t have any termites before you start your next project.

Many homeowners are shocked to come across termites because they are not aware of the red flags. The most obvious evidence is if you actually see them crawling around, but most termites are subterranean, which means that they live underground. For this reason, it is quite rare to see termites in plain sight. Look out for small holes in your walls, as this may be a sign that there are termites in your walls and digging their way out. Similarly, you may also notice that the texture of the paint on your walls has changed, looking cracked or bubbled. Finally, look out for what Captain Holt noticed on his wood floors: mud tubes and tunnels that termites use to travel.

We highly recommend that you get a termite inspection at least twice per year, especially if you live in Orange County. California homes are at risk of termite invasions all throughout the year.

Natural Science Exterminating offers termite inspection, prevention, and extermination for residents who live in Garden Grove. If you have not yet had your annual termite inspection, we recommend you book one immediately. Termites cause billions of dollars of damage to home owners every year in the Unites States. Inspection and prevention will prevent termites from destroying your home and draining your bank account, saving you money in the long-term. If you are in need of extermination, but are worried about harsh chemical treatments, we suggest you check out Natural Science Exterminating. Unlike many exterminators, they prioritize the most eco-friendly option to treat your home, using naturally-occurring orange oil and boric acid. Be sure to give them a call for a quote and consultation.

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