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Insurance For A Very Uncertain Future

With a cursory glance at the news today, it can certainly be said that we live in some interesting times. Unfortunately, interesting times are not always good for your personal property, your business, or your mental health, as things move quickly from one crisis to another.

One small act you can make today to reduce the uncertainty in your own life is insure your property and assets to make sure that you have some level of stability. Insurance will not only protect you if these interesting times come crashing onto your doorstep, but they’ll also protect you from the humdrum normal crises that continue unabated even as things seem to fall apart around us.

If you’re in the Santa Monica area, we heartily recommend you look up the best state farm agent around, Byron Galindo. He and his team are recent transplants in the area, but their conscientious attention to detail to your individual circumstances and friendliness more than make up for it.

A cursory glance into their Yelp and Google page brings up a number of testaments to these qualities, as each customer is amazed at the high level of service Byron provides to each client. Lucciana Kai took the time to write this about Byron on both Facebook and Yelp:

“Byron Galindo and his team are simply amazing!! No matter the question, or issue, Byron will offer his undivided attention and do his best to meet your insurance needs. He has never failed me or my family! Byron has been my agent for over 3 years and has provided invaluable guidance. Seriously, he’s family at this point!! In addition, I, unfortunately have been in multiple minor car accidents and State Farm has always offered EXCELLENT and swift service!!! Thank you, Byron!!”

On Google, Ravi Bhatia relates how in-depth Byron is willing to go for his clients:

“In a boring industry, Byron has facilitated NOT boring, borderline genius solutions to solving my business insurance needs here in Santa Monica. He’s always willing to talk through hypothetical scenarios and run tests on different, creative ways to minimize insurance costs, and educate me on the bureaucratic nuances he has to deal with on the day to day. I’ve dealt with many insurance agents in my line of work, and I have not come across a more visionary person in insurance — a field that tends to attract risk-averse, don’t-ruffle-any-feathers types. Above all, though, he’s been an advocate and a friend. I’m grateful to have him in my corner.”

Finally, the loyalty Byron’s quality of service inspires is displayed with Nico M.’s review here on Yelp:

“Very great service! I have two loans, a credit card, and insurance with Byron and I always refer people when I can. He very knowledgeable and helps a lot anytime I have a question or need to change my car or need a quote for another car(which is about every two months) he’s on it.  His staff is very well trained and always ready to help if you have a question. The Loan part was great too low rate and it gave me crazy buying power when negotiating price as well.”

If you’re looking for a safe harbor in stormy seas, insuring your property and business is a great first step. If you want to work with the best in the industry, you can contact Byron here:

Byron Galindo State Farm Agent

(310) 823-5073

214 Pier Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90405