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Saving Your Business With The Right Insurance

The idea of becoming an entrepreneur comes with a lot of misplaced glamour about what it is like to own your own business – setting your own hours, being your own boss, making way more money than you would as an employee – that usually reveals itself to be totally off-base almost immediately.

Setting your own hours? Sure, as long as you’re working twice as many as you were working before.

Being your own boss? Nope, customers are your boss now.

Making more money? Sure, as long as you can suffer through months, if not years of possibly not making any money at all!

Other considerations are often not thought of at all before one starts their venture, especially not possible legal trouble. One of the most terrifying situations a business owner can find themselves in is sudden lawsuit over a jilted customer, worker, or a governmental organization pursuing them about a missed dotted ‘I’ or uncrossed ‘t’.

What can truly boggle the mind is in how many directions these lawsuits and financial risks can come: negligence or failure to perform, product liabilities, or even property damage to your home if your business is run out of your own house. There’s a near infinite number of ways someone looking to harm your business can target you using the esoteric legal system.

The effects of these lawsuits can quickly become personally disastrous. With so much time, effort, money and sweat being put into the new venture, a destructive suit can bankrupt a small company and the owners that operate it. A business owner may face their family’s primary source of income and hope for the future may go up in smoke over a poorly adjudicated civil suit without proper protection.

Much like life insurance, business insurance can make the difference between the life and death of the entrepreneur’s family’s financial well-being. With this in mind, today we’re spotlighting a service to help protect and ease the minds of those brave souls that pursue entrepreneurship in southern California.

Byron Galindo Insurance, a Business insurance agency operating out of Venice, CA, is our top pick for the area. With a Google review rating of 5 stars and a yelp rating of 4.5, Byron’s reputation for being informative, helpful, and his diligence speaks for itself. Here’s what one of his customers, Alison, has to say about his services:

Read Alison P.‘s review of Byron Galindo – State Farm Insurance Agent on Yelp

Byron Galindo Insurance operates under the Statefarm name, meaning that you have not only access to an amazing local talent, but a massive, nation-wide insurance infrastructure. Byron is not going anywhere soon, but if you are, you know that you’ll be in excellent hands wherever your travels take you.

With Byron’s ability to secure great coverage for his clients, a budding entrepreneur can rest easy knowing that an errant lawsuit coming at him from left field won’t tear down his and his family’s life. A new business venture is always fraught with uncertainties and unknowns; why add another by staying uninsured?

If you’re interested in finding business insurance in Venice, CA, getting a quote or just talking to Byron and his team, give him a call:

Byron Galindo Insurance

214 Pier Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 823-5073