Cannabis Security

Legal Cannabis And Security Plans: A Necessity, Not a Luxury

The meteoric rise of the legal cannabis industry in California and beyond presents many opportunities for early adapters and enterprising entrepreneurs to generate generational wealth. With great opportunity has come great risk, however: thanks to the crop’s dubious legality on the federal level, the industry is facing an unusual level of chaos. This murky legal […]

Cannabis Security

Cannabis Security Plans Now Essential For Staying Solvent In California

It’s not an overstatement to call the cannabis industry’s current situation something akin to ‘barely controlled chaos’. The questionable legality of the product, in conjunction with its meteoric rise in popularity, has created an explosive situation where legitimate, legal growers, distributors, and sellers are squeezed simultaneously by the state and criminal elements while illegal operations […]

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Ebb And Flow

The strange economic environment we’re currently struggling with has caused some unusual interruptions in the usual ebb and flow of the business cycle here in Orange County. While economic conditions remain negative, there has nevertheless been an influx of new businesses into OC cities, sucking up the high-value real estate like it was nothing. Irvine […]

Cannabis Security

The Problem With Guards

Here in San Francisco, we’ve run into something of a conundrum. Crime rates are rising, and the government is mandating that stores are basically on their own when it comes to security. This necessitates the use of guards for many businesses, including cannabis growing operations and dispensaries. The problem? Guards are pretty notorious for making […]