How A Free Termite Inspection In Orange County Could Save You Thousands On Repair Work

At the start of the 2019 housing boom, the market looked ready to explode like nothing anyone had ever seen before. Already burnt out from my previous career, I bought my first property as part of my journey to becoming a house flipper. 

When we took our initial tour of the property, our starter home was in sorry shape. Most of our fellow prospective buyers probably wrote it off as a tear-down and far more trouble than it would be worth.

As a young and energetic flipper-to-be, I looked at the solid foundation and relatively minor cosmetic damage and saw a potential golden nugget. With the assurance of some more experienced family members, I figured some simple TLC would fix it right up. 

Once the sale went through, we got to work refurbing the house. We tore down a few walls, replaced the piping, roof shingles, and kitchen cabinetry, and repainted the whole house. The process took a few months, but the place looked brand-new and move-in ready once the work was done.

Unfortunately, this just so happened to be the exact same time as a major dip in the housing market. The economy being what it was, I knew if I sold now, I stood to lose all of my startup capital and the business would be dead in the water.

I made the decision to keep the house until the market recovered. I couldn’t pay off both the apartment and the mortgage, so my wife and I moved our burgeoning family into the new home for the interim period.

Once we were all moved in, some major red flags began to show themselves. I started noticing small piles of sawdust in the new cabinets, and some tiny holes had started appearing in the kitchen drywall.

I asked around for advice, and my despair grew as every answer came back the same: termites. We had missed the obvious signs during our initial inspections, and now that mistake was coming home to roost.

As it turned out, there had been more than one destructive previous tenant: a large infestation of subterranean termites had also set up shop. This presented a dilemma for us, as our inexperience with working with exterminators made us nervous about using toxic chemicals in a home where our young children lived.

Luckily, we were able to find a solution to both problems using a single company: Natural Science Exterminating. Natural Science uses a number of organic compounds in its natural termite treatments, which are non-toxic to people and pets while remaining effective against pests.

The company doesn’t stop at simply treating your property for termites, either. If the termites have caused significant damage to your home, the Natural Science team will perform some solid carpentry work to help restore the damaged areas.

We were happy to find that a solution existed that would keep us and our temporary home safe. If you need a termite treatment but the thought of toxic chemicals in your home is giving you pause, do yourself a favor and reach out to Natural Science Exterminating.

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