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With pet ownership rates increasing yearly and the position our pets have in our hearts growing larger by the day, it’s safe to say we want to keep them as safe and healthy as possible during their short but valuable stays in our lives. That means keeping their hearts beating strong and preventing any kind of disease or parasite from impeding its function

There are a number of different factors that can cause heart disease in our pooches, the most common being age, breed-related congenital issues, and heartworms, the latter of which being the most scary out of all of them. Something as simply and easy to miss as a mosquito bite can potentially spread the parasite, eventually causing so much damage to the pulmonary arteries that your dog’s heart stops being able to effectively pump oxygen to the rest of the body.

Heart disease prevention for your pets can be as simple as making sure they get regular exercise, eat a healthy and nutritious diet, and, of course, preventative health checkups with qualified veterinarians. If you are in the southern California area and want the absolute best in the field of cardiovascular veterinary services for your pet, look no further than the Vet who Sweats, Carley Saelinger.

Carley is one of the top docs in her specialty, with numerous papers written on treatments, care, and recovery options for pets with chronic and acute heart conditions. Her work with patients and clients at VCA ASEC has generated a wide variety of incredible testimonials, including Toni W.’s, who says this about Carley:

“Our beautiful cat Kai was diagnosed with a heart condition when he was about 2 yrs old and we were referred to VCA ASEC by our Vet.  The care and compassion given by all the staff was exemplary and we knew we were in excellent hands. Dr. Carley Saelinger (Dr. Carley) was Kai’s doctor and when Kai died suddenly (which often happens to cats with cardiomyopathy) on June 24th one day after his 8th birthday, she took our call immediately and patiently talked with us sharing her sadness.  Last week we received a book from ASEC entitled “The Cat” which had beautiful quotes and photos of feline companions. The pages were personally signed with a little remembrance by the staff that helped care for Kai…Doctor, ultrasound tech, cardio nurse, etc etc.  What a wonderful gift.  I wish he could have been with us longer but we are thankful for the time we had with him and recognize ASEC and the staff for helping make that happen.  
Larry and Toni and “Hank”, Kai’s brother and littermate.  We all miss him”

Greg O. expands on her abilities and character here:

“When our little girl (yep, that’s her pic on my profile) developed cardiac issues our primary vet referred us to Dr. Carley Saelinger at ASEC. Dr. Saelinger has a long list of publication credits and is truly the cardiac expert you want.  

Through our year of care together, we came know Carley as a really kind person filled with passion and humor. Through it all, she was there for us like a member of the family.  Her kindness, compassion and generosity of spirit was an amazing gift, giving us strength and courage during a really painful transition.
We thank you Carley and all the folks at AESC for taking such good care of us.”

If you are a pet owner and are looking for preventative health screenings or treatment for a current ailment you suspect is heart related, give Carley a ring:

Cardiac Vet

(323) 393-0616

Marina del Rey, CA 90292