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Reconciling Lawns And The Environment

As the number and length of draughts increases and the price of water seeming to rise every year, many in Southern California are deciding to forego the usual natural lawn and switch over to artificial grass. There’s a number of reasons so many are making the jump: environmental concerns, water usage and just plain lack of time and energy to establish a proper gardening routine to keep it looking green and healthy.

With Southern California’s arid climate, it doesn’t come as a surprise that over half of the estimated 300 gallons of water used by an average household per month goes into keeping their grass desperately clinging on to life. Combine this with the obnoxious gas-powered mowers that spew endless amounts of smog and the chemical fertilizer commonly used for grass upkeep poisoning water tables, and you get a full-fledged ecological disaster on your hands.

Many homeowners feeling the pinch of water costs and the twinge of guilt over the environmental impact are still hesitant to jump ship on their grass, believing that the synthetic replacement will give an artificial tinge to their otherwise beautiful garden. They don’t want the front of their houses looking like the rubbery mass that their kids play soccer on during the weekends.

These concerns far outpace reality, however – with the newest generations of artificial turf, it can be legitimately hard to tell the difference between natural and synthetic. Not only that, but the amount of effort and time that the fake stuff saves us allows for more energy and love to be put into the eye-catching natural shrubs, trees and flowers that make up the rest of the garden.

So, by switching over to artificial turf, you save money, time, AND the environment. Good deal. The question remains, though: how do we get it to look good?

The key to getting the artificial turf installation on your property to blend seamlessly with the naturally grown plants is getting the right help to do it. A professional installer can make the difference between your lawn looking like a big green doormat and it highlighting the beautiful greenery that you’ve poured your heart and soul into. Companies like NoMow Turf in Orange County have spent the last few decades refining the installation process, so that they can turn the constantly browning moneypit that is your lawn into an evergreen paradise.

The ‘grasses’ offered varies in length, color, and texture to best serve the look and feel of the natural grass you’d like to have in your garden. With the expertise offered by the featured company, the turf can be cut and leveled perfectly to conform with the natural lines and breaks that you’ve created. Trees, peripheral patches of real greenery, and eye-catching additions like stone pathways and gazebos can be incorporated to produce a landscape that it just as visually appealing as you would get with the lushest of green, velvety grass, with one major advantage: you never have to put any work into the turf.

So it can look great, it saves me time and money, AND it makes me feel warm and fuzzy knowing I’m not wasting precious water in our parched state. That’s awesome! So, one final question remains: who do I call to get this installed at my house?

That’s a much easier question to answer:

NoMow Turf

26674 Vista Terrace, Lake Forest, CA 92630

(855) 968-8873