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Mobile Health Comes To The World Of Pets

The global pandemic has caused a huge number of shifts in every kind of industry, from restaurants to industrial production and, of course, to health services. Many health-conscious individuals are taking a step back to the old school practices of at-home health care, preferring their doctors and nurses come to them rather than risk exposure at a crowded hospital or office.

With shifts in human health care, veterinarian care is never far behind. At home vet services are experiencing remarkable growth as pet parents eschew the traditional bi-annual vet visit in favor of mobile pet services for a variety of basic services and health checkups for their fur babies.

 These services can range anywhere from basic checkups to x-rays and even some rudimentary surgical services, all from the relative comfort of your driveway. In the same way pet grooming businesses have realized that downsizing from a brick and mortar building and switching to a mobile van allows them to significantly reduce overhead while retaining the same level of quality for their services, mobile vet services can provide a similar service to your usual vet’s office with the added benefit of convenience and reduced fees.

Other vet services have begun taking at-home service to another level and have begun offering more specialized care and consultation services for their clients. Carley Saelinger from Cardiac Vet is a southern California local example of one such service, providing telemedicine and mobile echocardiogram services for pets who are showing symptoms of heart disease and issues with the cardiovascular system.

Mobile and at-home health services are perfectly poised to experience meteoric growth in the coming years. With COVID-19 cases rising and falling in a large wave pattern, we can expect consumer choices to shift towards remote and at-home services in both the short- and the long-term, as individuals begin recognizing the benefits in staying away from large gatherings of potentially sick people and enjoy the convenience of mobile services.

Veterinary care may very well follow this trend, as many pet owners feel distress or exasperation with dragging unwilling and unhappy dogs or cats into the dreaded vet’s office. Mobile or telemedicine services give pet owners the peace of mind and actionable advice they require to make most pet care decisions, and most vet clinics will still be there for whatever services their mobile counterparts are unable to provide.

As with any service or business, choosing the right one is always key to whether your experience will be positive or negative. When selecting for a mobile service or consultant, always ensure you do your due diligence in researching their background and qualifications – you don’t want to be putting your pet under the care of a first year med student who couldn’t find employment in a normal office.

If you notice your pet is exhibiting signs of cardiovascular distress or heart disease, do yourself and them a favor and give an experienced cardiac vet like Dr. Carley a call. She’ll give you all the information and services your pet needs from the comfort of your home!

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