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Starting your own business: it’s ambitious and courageous, but it’s also completely terrifying. There are so many factors that come into play: renting an office, hiring the right employees, figuring out an office vibe… the list is endless. But you also have to make sure everything works together to form one cohesive brand. What if you have everything planned and worked out, but to your dismay, you don’t have enough desks to fit all of your employees? Do you need to let people go just because of a space problem, or is there an easier way around the problem?

Luckily, you don’t have to fire someone to do “lack of proper resources”. Because cubicles shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all since all offices are completely different. Especially with all these snazzy startups — an office could be anything from a renovated bakery, a converted speakeasy…the possibilities are literally endless, as they should be. But the traditional cubicle does not fit the bizarre space requirements that these unique locations have. What’s the alternative?

Well, it turns out that completely customizable cubicles are not a thing of the future, nor are they costly alternatives for something more practical. Think about it — cubicles that are unnecessarily large leave less room for valuable members of your team. Tiny desks make organizing stacks of paper a near impossible task, which reduces the productivity of your workspace.

But what if you could design a cubicle that fits a corner space, needs an outlet gap in the upper right corner, and needs wheels on the bottom for optimal mobility? You got it. How about adjustable height, width, and even weight to make the cubicle arrangement of the office much more fluid? Completely possible.

But your options aren’t limited to customizable cubicles — there is a huge, unsung market for used cubicles in Los Angeles that could be saving your business LOADS of money. If buying used isn’t your thing, you’ll be comforted to know that Home Technics did some research and found that these used cubicles are still in tip-top shape. This ensures that your business won’t have even a hint of “secondhand furniture”…in fact, given the quality of office furniture that you find here, it might even outdo the average “new agey” office furniture that is becoming so popular.

Think about it like this: Office A for a promising startup wants to spare no expense on the overall “look” of their office. However, after spending a large sum on top-of-the-line office chairs and sleek desks, their other departments have clearly suffered.

However, Office B decided to go with a more cost-effective route. By opting for lightly used cubicles and office chairs, they save thousands of dollars. And since many of the used cubicles come from the same businesses, all the pieces look completely cohesive.

These offices have very similar aesthetics and have equal amounts of professionalism; the only difference is the investment.

So all things considered, you have two choices: spend more money than necessary on an office aesthetic, or make a smart investment on older, yet smarter looking office furniture. Given these options, which would you choose?

If you are in the LA or OC area, you can find quality used office furniture here:

Creative Office Design

15440 Laguna Canyon Rd #120, Irvine, CA 92618

(714) 328-7627