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Imagine having to remodel your whole kitchen before a major event. That was the exact situation we were in. Our existing kitchen had deteriorated and was outdated. Tiles were cracked, paint peeling from the walls and the cabinets were so old fashioned, you would have thought you were getting a drink from a bar in Wisconsin. When we had moved in a year ago it wasn’t a big deal, until it was. Your kitchen is the place where you’re supposed to create lasting memories with family and friends and also take plenty of pictures that will be around forever. With my husband’s big 50th birthday celebration quickly approaching us and wanting a more modern and fresh change, we didn’t want just anyone to do the job. After a fiasco with our bathroom remodel, we were very particular about who we would choose.

We started our hunt for someone who could remodel our kitchen in the time frame that we needed and at a fair price for the work and not charge inflated prices. After calling and interviewing twelve different places, the best quote came from Inspired Remodels and we decided to choose them.

Their glowing Yelp reviews, like this one, persuaded us to try them:

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From the first phone call, they were friendly, polite, and very upfront about what was included in the estimate. They were a breath of fresh air from many of the other people we had called earlier. They spoke to us as if we were family but kept a high amount of professionalism.

When discussing the vision for our remodel, they listened and offered suggestions and never once tried to change our minds or force their ideas on us. We wanted an open space plan with marble countertops, and new flooring and cabinets. After deciding on a direction we were kept in the loop on the whole process and we were comfortable with leaving them in our home to work. Piece by piece our dream kitchen started to come together. If we had any questions for them about the process they never hesitated to give us an honest answer. Also, if there were any changes that needed to be made or tweaked they communicated them to us promptly. We were so excited.

When the remodel was finished a month before the birthday party we couldn’t believe our eyes. It was stunning! The end result was polished, elegant and done with expertise. It was everything we could have wanted and more. Inspired Remodels was the best decision we could have made for this project. From the very first interaction, the feeling we got from the company was comforting. Even after the job was done we received continued support from Inspired Remodels and that was something we both felt good about. They really stand behind their work. On the day of the party, everyone was in shock. We hadn’t told anyone about the changes we were making and wanted it to be a surprise. They all wanted to know who we had gotten to do the work for us and we didn’t hesitate to tell them who was behind the creation. You honestly won’t find a company who can do a better kitchen remodel in Orange County. How about you give them try? You won’t be disappointed. We’ve definitely decided to work with them again but this time on resolving our disastrous bathroom.

Inspired Remodels

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