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The Last Chance For Your Summer Remodel

As July quickly rolls over to the dog days of August, the opportunity to get the home remodel you’ve been putting off forever is starting to slip away. Traditionally, Spring and Summer are seen as the best time of the year for remodeling your landscaping or yard and doing indoor work such as kitchens and bathrooms, respectively.

A ton of gorgeous new trends are popping up in home design, and right now is the perfect opportunity to jump ahead of the game. Something as simple as painting your kitchen ceiling a startling new color or changing up your light fixtures to varying types of metal can add a refreshing visual element to your home that brightens up the aesthetic and give the space an entire new feel.

For bathrooms, there are a ton of new options that can add a new and interesting look and energy to the entire house. Adding brass finishes to your light fixtures, mirror frame, and cabinetry, for instance, can give the bathroom an entirely different aesthetic that matches perfectly with the warmer colored paints that are becoming increasingly popular.

For our southern California readers who are looking for a bathroom or kitchen remodeling in the short span of time we have left in summer, we heartily recommend you look into Inspired Remodels, Inc. Joe Mueller, owner of the company, has been on the cutting edge of remodeling the classic old homes of Orange County into the gorgeous contemporary living spaces you see emerging all over the coast.

Not every remodeling needs to be expansive or complete. Whether you’re looking to add some custom shaped tiles in your bathroom, building a new island for your newly expanded kitchen and living space, or just trying to add a brushed brass trim to your bathroom fixtures, the guys at Inspired will ensure it’s done with the utmost professionalism and done to your exacting standards.

If you do want to go whole hog on your remodeling job, there’s definitely plenty of exciting developments to look into – expanding your bathroom space and creating a freestanding tub, either a standalone porcelain deep soaking model or a classic design using and interesting and unusual types of marble for the setting is a look we’ve been really into. If you have soft or warm colored paint on your walls, there’s the extremely stark and opulent option of using a black tub with bronze or brass piping for a classy and unique look.

Whatever new or trending look seems to catch your fancy while watching HGTV or browsing through home magazines, Inspired Remodels can help you capture exactly the feeling you had when you first laid eyes on it. A new tub, light fixtures, or even just a new color paint to help give new life to an otherwise dour home, Inspired Remodels will breathe the energy you’re craving into your home with an attention to detail and professionalism you can not find anywhere else. Give them a call:

Inspired Remodels, Inc.

(949) 716-1938

21098 Bake Pkwy Ste 100, Lake Forest, CA 92630