Not-So-Empty Nesters

Our yard was recently hosting an enormous ant colony that seemingly sprung up overnight. As we were to find out, the flowers from the bird of paradise plant (which we had just decided to line the planters around our pool with) drive them absolutely wild, and they decided to set up shop permanently nearby.

They didn’t stop with the flowers, however. It seemed like every other day there was an incursion of ants into our house looking to feed on some leftover dog food or crumbs.

We needed an exterminator, fast, but I was hesitant. Images of a portly man in a jumpsuit spraying noxious chemicals in our yard that our dogs would lick up played through my mind every time I looked up the number for an exterminator.

That’s when I started researching alternatives to traditional pest control companies. Surely, with all the technologies and methods we have at our disposal, there’s a more environmentally friendly option than the usual industrial poisons.

I was in luck – not only was I right in my assumption but there were companies offering natural termite control in SoCal that also provided treatments for other pests, including ants. One that stuck out was Natural Science Exterminating, an Orange County local company that uses a number of naturally occurring compounds to destroy and prevent pest infestations.

Not sure what to expect, I took a look at their client’s testimonials and was blown away by the positive response. Observe:

I didn’t know how relentless ants could be until our house became attacked by them!  Our house is always pretty clean and there was no food out for them to get but they wanted to march right through anyways.  I tried everything to get rid of them but they seemed like they were coming from inside the walls!!!  Natural Science Exterminating came out, and I must say, I was skeptical that they would be able to do anything since I had tried everything.  The first time they were out, the ants were back the next day… But fortunately, they gave a guarantee and came back and the next time they tried something different and it worked!!  Thank goodness.  It’s now been a year later and we still have no ants.  I don’t know what I would have done without them!  Very knowledgeable and professional.  Pet and kid-friendly.  I will use them again if I need to.

– Alicen B., Yelp Review

I used Natural Science Exterminating to get rid of a termite problem that I had. I had recently purchased a house and it supposedly had been terminated as part of the sale, but one year after I had moved in I discovered I had fairly severe termite damage. I have dogs and I did not want to have to tent my house and leave for a weekend. Natural Science Exterminating offered me an effective alternative that was pet safe and did not require that I leave my home – Boracare. I also had some wood damage as a result of the termite infestation and they were able to repair all of that and paint it to match the outside of my house and you couldn’t even tell that anything had been replaced. They were very clean and efficient. I would highly recommend their services.

– Colleen M., Yelp review

If you’re like me and aren’t down with a stranger spraying your yard or house down with industrial chemicals with questionable long-term health effects, Natural Science Exterminating is our top-rated choice for natural termite exterminators in the area. Give them a holler:

Natural Science Exterminating


11642 Knott Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841