Unplanned Demo

While this blog is, for the most part, dedicated on home improvement, we occasionally deviate from the norm to give you some tips on how to keep your home tidy and safe in other ways, as well. That includes keeping any unwanted visitors causing your home to experience an unplanned demolition, or even just lowering its value.

Termites and other pests can do just that – termites can cause extensive damage to the structure of the house as they use the wood pulp to nourish their nests, while rats and other rodents can chew through electrical wires and cause similar damage within the walls. Keeping your home pest-free is just as important as ensuring that it’s kept updated, if not more so!

That’s why we’re spotlighting a southern California local company who specializing in protecting your homes (and businesses!) from the destructive instincts of the voracious little critters that love living in your walls. Grand Oaks Termite Control operates out of Glendora, and has made a name for itself through the diligence of its workers and the thoroughness of its operations.

The company goes above and beyond for their clients, providing services such as woodworking to replace any wood damaged by the pests they exterminate. This service has earned them the loyalty of hundreds of clients, as can be seen in the glowing testimonials they leave on the company’s social media pages:

Justin was super professional, informative, and patient during our fumigation process.  I had to delay the job a couple of times due to our remodel being pushed back and Justin was very understanding each time.  There were also some setbacks which we were supposed to take care of, but Justin took care of it for us and everything went smoothly!

Highly recommend Justin and his team and would definitely use them again in the future.  Price was very reasonable, and the service is top notch.  All emails, calls, and texts were responded to quickly and effectively.  Thanks Justin!!

(George C., Yelp Review)
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I am in awe of Grand Oaks Termite Control. Justin and Gary came out and inspected my home and they were punctual, polite and very knowledgeable. I was so worried about my home being infested with termites, but Justin put my mind at ease. He determined that I had an isolated infestation in one room of my home and that there was no need to be tented. He gave me a fair quote and treatment of the room literally took maybe an hour. He explained that the process would not harm my family or cat and termites and eggs will not survive after the treatment. He and Gary came out a week later for the water damage of the affected area. My husband and I are so pleased and grateful we chose this company. Gary did an impeccable job of the repairs that took about 6-7 hours and you can’t even tell I had any termites or water damage. They are both so pleasant and polite and will highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks, guys, for an outstanding and affordable job.

(Carina Z., Yelp Review)

If your property is in the process of getting chewed up and spit out by some nasty little beasts, don’t wait for the walls to come crashing down before your planned refab; get Grand Oaks Termite Control to come out and take the fight to them.

Grand Oaks Termite Control


110 S Worthy Dr, Glendora, CA 91741