Southern California Winter/Fall Special: Landscaping In The Cold

There are many advantages to living in our perpetually sunny state, but chief among them as far as our interests lie is our ability to do landscaping all year round. The sun never sets on California, and although we can’t be classified as tropical, we are the closest thing to it!

That means landscaping projects are available to us even as the rest of the country is buried in feet of snow and the vibrant green of healthy plant life is a distant memory. Entirely new and exciting creations are made every day of the year here, and inspiration is never far away.

Some of the best landscape companies in the country operate here, and they don’t seem to mind not getting their midwinter break. That includes award winning San Diego-based Torrey Pines Landscaping company, who has had yet another incredible year despite the troubles our great state seems to find itself in.

The company, famous for it’s wild and intensely creative landscaping design work, combines a deep knowledge of landscaping in its various forms and history, an appreciation for the local southern California flora, and an unusual understanding of its clientele and their interests to create breathtakingly unique projects than can be seen on their website and through the pictures posted by their highly satisfied customer base. To get an idea how satisfied they are, we can take a quick look on their GPage to peruse just a few of their glowing testimonials:

I cannot think of another company that has performed so exceptionally.  I want to credit Doug Dilworth and his team that worked with us every step of the way as we transformed our backyard wasteland into a work of art.  Doug is creative professional who stands by his word and delivered as one could only hope. I highly recommend Torrey Pines Landscape Company.

– Gary Elliott, Google Review

Torrey Pines is the 4th company , starting over 10 years ago, we have had for landscapers. We had two mow & blow companies, and one other professional company but weren’t happy. TP fantastic. Our site supervisor is a true horticulture expert, the employees have an educational 1/2 day every other week, we NEVER have to worry about anything and our 1 acre+ of landscaping is a joy and pleasure. They just did a major needed driveway and retaining wall replacement; they are excellent hardscape contractors as well. They asked to copy and paste the note I sent them, but it wasn’t sufficient to communicate the quality of their work.

Hi Torrey Pines guys, Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our wall, driveway, and landscape. The replacement landscape is growing in beautifully. We want to tell you how much we are enjoying how wonderful and professional it all looks. Special thanks to Mark who suggested we get a bid and consider the project. Please pass on our thanks to the crew who did such a wonderful job, especially the incredible brick work; a work of art.

– Robert Engler, Google Review

If you live in the San Diego area and are trying to take advantage of our state’s beautiful weather for a landscaping makeover, don’t hesitate to call Torrey Pines Landscaping. Their designs are top notch, and you’ll not just have a brand spankin’ new yard, but a veritable piece of art on your property.

Torrey Pines Landscaping Company


5560 Eastgate Mall, San Diego, CA 92121