Artificial Grass

The (Fake) Grass Is Always Greener

There comes a time when every home owner gets absolutely fed up with lawncare and maintenance. It could be due to the costs, it might be the ridiculous amount of water they suck up, or it might be that single patch of grass that just refuses to come back to life no matter what you do – whatever the reason, we all get tired as heck of the big green blanket bordering our properties.

The problem comes when thinking about what the options are for replacing it, as homes with poorly maintained yards are heavily penalized during valuation. While stones, woodchips and clover can be appropriate replacements in some areas, they can be just as harmful to home values in others, and each has their own issues.

There is also the problem of aesthetics to consider – some people just like how a nice green lawn looks and ripping it up to put in stone or gravel does not fit their ideal yard aesthetic. What is a homeowner who loves the look of a lawn but hates the work and money needed to maintain it to do?

Enter the much-maligned option of artificial turf. While the technology involved in manufacturing it has improved to a point that it can be hard to distinguish the fake stuff from the real, many still have the impression that all fake grass looks like the shoddy turf used in their old high school football field.

Thankfully, companies like NoMow Turf in southern California are putting those concerns to rest, with an impressive collection of different turf types and impeccable artificial grass installations that gives pause to even the most discerning onlooker. With a solid installation and high quality material, your lawn is going to look better than it has in years with a fraction of the cost and effort you’ve put into it in the past.

How do we know how good their installations are? A quick perusal through their Yelp and gpages will give you a little insight:

I recommend this company to anyone looking for quality Turf work. My wife and I had a budget to get turf installed in our yard, however our budget was nowhere near actually what it costs, we had to adjust our budget after 4 quotes, all being pretty equal in costs. My wife was the one meeting with the representatives of each company and others seemed to be more like “salesman” and not about what we wanted, NoMow turf was opposite and actually sat with my wife and showed her the process, showed her samples, and went over costs and let US choose what we wanted, never did they try and push unneeded items or up sell more expensive turf. Upon choosing this company and contracting the work, it was scheduled in a timely fashion. The crew showed up and worked hard in the heat, my wife supplied plenty of water to keep them hydrated. They were professional and thorough and our yard looks amazing. Thanks for all your hard work and making my wife happy.

(Dennis Z., Yelp Review)
Read A H.‘s review of NoMow Turf on Yelp

We can’t say enough about NoMow Turf & their General Manager Sierra.  We have a very large front yard that was about 20 yrs old & after many yrs of fighting weeds, grub worms, crows tearing up the grass & rabbits eating big patches we had had enough.  We did our research & decided on this company.  Sierra is great & so easy to work with & her quote was very reasonable. The crew worked their butts off as our yard is not only large but sloped too which presents a challenge. Through the years the slope had become uneven & the crew graded it & made it look awesome! They worked for 2 1/2 days non stop & the end result is awesome. Needless to say we highly recommend NoMow Turf….you won’t be disappointed!!!

(Kevin H., Yelp Review)

So, there you have it: great product matched by some high-class service and skill. If you or anyone you know is getting fed up with their lawn maintenance but can’t decide how to best replace their natural turf, give the guys and gals at NoMow a call:

NoMow Turf


26674 Vista Terrace, Lake Forest, CA 92630